My Nighttime Routine Superstars for Sensitive Skin

Nighttime routine for me ⭐️🌚✨ 


Start early, so you don't procrastinate or skip it later when you're "too tired." 
Everyone wants to see my nighttime routine, so here goes!
My 2 super star products. After a double cleanse and my toner, I layer:
@haleandhush Soothe Essence Serum - this serum is amazing for sensitive, sensitized, rosacea, and acne prone skin. 
Pro Tip!! I use it with my Gua sha for a nourishing glide.
Next, I use Hush Hydrate for a gentle, hydrating gel-like moisturizer. It's rich in botanical extracts that are anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants. 
Fun fact, it has Pichia/Resveratrol Ferment Extract, which targets inflammation and supports health skin cells. Hush Hydrate also calms down irritated skin.
Stay Beautiful! 
Xoxo, Chelcie Ray
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